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Support Worker – 16+ Semi Independent living
We are recruiting a support worker with experience supporting young people between the ages of 16-18 in semi-independent living accommodations.
As a support worker you will be providing a high quality support service to young people aged 16 and over for them to take control of their life and promote semi-independent living. This includes providing practical assistance to individuals in carrying out everyday living tasks such as cooking, shopping, budgeting and household tasks, to enable them to live comfortably, safely and as independently as possible. You will also encourage young people to engage within the community, including enrolling in education, seeking employment, and perusing appropriate leisure and hobby activities.
The Support Worker Role:
The role involves supporting and empowering young people to develop skills and enabling them to:
* Strengthen their identity, self-confidence and self-respect;
* Meet their health and emotional needs;
* Care for their own well-being and set their own goals;
* Gain and maintain education, training and employment;
* Integrate and contribute to the community in a positive manner;
* Become active and responsible citizens, emotionally and economically resilient for their future;
* Make choices and decisions in all areas of their lives;
* Participate and be involved in the delivery and development of the service; and
* Live in a safe and stable environment.
* Promote, safeguard and protect the welfare of each young person;
* Encourage young people to develop their full potential and individual interests and attitudes;
* Establish and maintain positive and trusting relationships with the young people that will promote their sense of security;
* Promote the development of a healthy lifestyle for young people;
* Introduce young people to a range of facilities and amenities in the local community
* Assist young people in the development and sustaining of positive social networks with adults and other peer groups
* Avisant Care and Support Services is committed to safeguarding vulnerable children and young people. All applicants for employment working with our young people will undergo a rigorous vetting process which includes identity and DBS police background checks


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